Long Island Crisis Center offers community education workshops in schools, agencies and community centers on a variety of topics pertaining to today’s youth.


Free Workshops for Students and Young People

    • Anger Management: Young people learn strategies to manage anger and avoid negative consequences, including methods of conflict resolution and building communication skills through role-playing.
    • Suicide Prevention: 80% of young people who attempt suicide tell someone first.
      Here students will learn the warning signs, risk factors, and ways to help when a friend is feeling suicidal.
    • Understanding Self-Injury: As many as 14% of high school students engage in self-injury, and that number is on the rise. Students will learn how to help themselves or a friend who self-injures.
    • Cyber Bullying Awareness: Students learn the consequences of negative social networking behavior, how to keep themselves safe, and what their legal rights are in cyber space.

Please contact Laura Campbell (516) 826-0244 or email lcampbell@longislandcrisiscenter.org

  • Understanding Homophobia: Raise awareness about what lesbian, gay and bisexual students face each day. This workshop encourages students to examine their feelings, and it opens a dialogue that will increase sensitivity and reduce bias.
  • Understanding Transphobia: This workshop helps increase understanding and awareness of transphobia, gender identity and sexual orientation, and what it means to be transgender.
  • How to be an Effective LGBT Ally: This workshop is designed for members of Gay/Straight Alliances. Students examine their own viewpoints and develop skills for responding to anti-LGBT bias in their schools and communities.

Contact Jamie Peeler (516) 679-9000 ext. 10 or email jpeeler@longislandcrisiscenter.org

Workshops for Faculty, Administration and Youth Workers (Honorarium Required)

  • Adolescent Depression and Suicide Prevention: Every 90 minutes, a young person commits suicide. This 90-minute workshop will teach you the warning signs, causes, how to determine how serious the threat is, and what an adult can do when a teen is suicidal.

Please contact Theresa Buhse (516) 826-0244 or email tbuhse@longislandcrisiscenter.org

  • Working with Lesbian and Gay Youth: Lesbian and gay adolescents face particular challenges developing into healthy adults. This interactive 90-minute workshop will introduce service providers, teachers and administrators to the dynamics of growing up gay. Participants will learn how their school or agency can be more responsive to this population.
  • Making Schools Safer for Lesbian and Gay Youth: This workshop is designed for school personnel to raise awareness about specific challenges faced by lesbian, gay, and bisexual youth. Participants will discuss the risk factors for these students as well as realistic strategies to make school a safer place for all students, including the creation of Gay-Straight Alliances.
  • Adolescent Self-Injury: As many as 14% of high school students engage in self-injury. Learn the warning signs, risk factor and pathology behind self-injury. Gain knowledge about treatment, how to help a student who is self-injuring, and the distinction between self-injury and a suicide attempt.
  • Adolescent Eating Disorders: Gain insight regarding warning signs, risk factors and treatment methods for bulimia, anorexia and other newly emerging eating disorders affecting youth. Participants will learn about both internal and external influences affecting youth with eating disorders and the recovery process.

Please contact Tawni Engel (516) 679-9000 ext. 12 or email tengel@longislandcrisiscenter.org

Agency Materials: Posters, brochures and hotline cards are available by request. Please call (516) 826-0244.