Pride for Youth Suffolk Staff


He/Him Pronouns

Devon is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Pride for Youth’s Suffolk location, ensuring that all services to young people and their families are of high quality. He also oversees all of the agency’s prevention line services that span across Queens, Nassau and Suffolk counties. In doing so, he also provides direct supervision and facilitates the professional development of Nassau and Suffolk based staff. Devon provides grant management for all site programs/contracts as well as grant writing for program expansions and development. In addition, he spearheads evaluation initiatives to ensure that site programs are meeting the health and wellness needs of the Long Island LGBTQ+ community. Devon carries a counseling caseload of LGBTQ+ individual clients and families. He is available to present professional trainings on LGBTQ+ Cultural Competency, PrEP/PEP, Transgender Health and YMSM concerns.

Devon received his Master of Social Work degree from Fordham University. In 2017, he was elected into Phi Kappa Phi, one of the most prestigious multidisciplinary academic honor societies in the United States. Devon has a long and successful professional history in YMSM and TGNB program development, implementation and oversight. He was the Chair of Northwell Health’s TGNC Community Advisory Board from 2016-2017 and is currently an active member of the Transgender Professional Association for Transgender Health (TPATH), Worldwide Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH) and the Queens Ending the Epidemic committee. Theoretically oriented towards feminist theory and anti-oppressive practice (AOP), Devon incorporates cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness techniques and acceptance and commitment therapy within his counseling work.

Contact Devon: or 631-940-1964


He/Him Pronouns

Bryant provides community-based outreach to young gay, bisexual, queer cis men and transgender individuals throughout Long Island with a focus on people of color. Outreach is conducted through various mediums including social media, apps and bars/clubs. Bryant is the lead facilitator of MpowermentLI’s Suffolk Chapter which is an intervention designed to address the sexual health needs of young men who have sex with men by influencing social norms, reducing the risk of HIV infection and other sexually transmitted infections. In addition, he is also available to provide rapid HIV testing, sexual health navigation services, conduct PrEP/PEP screenings/linkages and connect newly/previously diagnosed individuals into HIV care.

Bryant started at Pride For Youth (PFY) in 2010, as one of the first members of MpowermentLI’s Nassau Chapter. As time went on, Bryant’s love and passion for the community led him to become more involved where he later became a Peer Navigator – conducting outreach and providing direct services to his community. Once the opportunity arose for Bryant to help spearhead the start up of PFY’s new MpowermentLI Suffolk Chapter, he couldn’t resist! When Bryant isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with his friends and family. He enjoys frequent trips to NYC to experience new things and relive some old. Bryant loves fashion and attended the Academy of the Art University in San Francisco, CA studying Fashion.

Contact Bryant Brown at 631-940-1964 or via email at


He/Him Pronouns

¡Yo Hablo Español!

Elmer provides personalized counseling to individual clients and their families with a focus on the Hispanic/Latinx community in both Suffolk and Nassau counties. He co-facilitates the Suffolk chapter of MpowerVida and ensures that the group is meeting the psycho-educational needs of high risk young gay/bi/queer men and trans individuals who are Hispanic/Latinx. In addition, he is available to provide case management services in both English and Spanish. Some case management services offered include but are not limited to; engagement into HIV prevention services for those whom are at risk, linkage to treatment and adherence support for those living with HIV and legal navigation support for immigration/asylum needs via community partnerships.

Elmer graduated from Stony Brook University with a Bachelors in Political Science. Throughout his undergraduate career, Elmer had developed a passion for advocacy and education with a particular focus in working with under-served communities. That passion had driven him to get involved in community affairs and political campaigns across the NYC metropolitan region. Elmer has interned for government agencies such as the Division of Human Rights and the Suffolk County Legislature which has allowed him to further develop his passion in community advocacy. Elmer has prior experience working with underserved populations, latinx immigrant populations and survivors of domestic violence. In his down time, Elmer loves exploring NY nightlife, hanging with friends and family, and focusing on self-care!

Contact Elmer Flores at 631-940-1964 or via email at

Ansernis De Los Santos  – HIV SERVICES NAVIGATOR

He/Him Pronouns

Ansernis provides confidential HIV testing for PFY The Linda Leonard Center and our Adult Sexual Health Testing program in Suffolk. As an HIV Services Navigator, he offers initial PrEP/PEP screenings, linkages to HIV medical services and STI linkages. He is the lead facilitator for MpowerVida Suffolk, a Latinx social group for Spanish speaking and bilingual LGBTQ identified peoples ages 18-45. In addition, Ansernis does community and social media outreach for these services with a particular focus on engaging young gay/bi/queer men and transgender individuals of color.

Ansernis joined Pride for Youth with the main drive to do his part in ending stigma related to HIV/AIDS. He has a passion and pride for LGBTQ culture and wants to give back to his community. Whether it’s through providing direct HIV related services or being an open ear for clients, Ansernis prides himself on creating a warm and supportive space for fellow community members. In his pastime, he enjoys eating, shopping and having social gatherings with friends. Ansernis also has a massive obsession with pineapples due to their symbolization of warmth, welcome and friendship.

Contact Ansernis De Los Santos at 631-940-1964 or via email at


They/Them Pronouns

Alex is in charge of managing the office during afternoon hours. They provide clerical support to staff and help keep PFY: The Linda Leonard Center programs and events running smoothly. Alex also designs and creates all of the agency’s promotional and campaign materials including digital images that are utilize to engage LGBTQ individuals into HIV prevention services. Alex manages PFY: The Linda Leonard Center’s social media accounts and manages all social media promotions. Alex also provides administrative support to the PFY Suffolk Project Director as well as assisting clients with transportation services to programming and outside medical health services.

Alex attended the Fashion Institute of Technology and graduated in 2017 with their Bachelors degree in Fine Arts for Illustration. Being a part of the LGBTQ+ community, Alex wishes that they can help younger members of the community come to terms with their identity and find the same sense of pride and acceptance that they felt. They are a strong believer that those who identify differently from cisgender or heterosexual should feel validated and safe, and they are extremely grateful for the work that Pride For Youth does within the Long Island community. Alex is very passionate about art history and illustration and they love going to art museums and galleries whenever they get the chance to. Most of their free time is dedicated to illustrating, and fostering or rescuing cats.

Contact Alex Accomando at 631-940-1964 or via email at

Anthony Carnevale  – Prevention Services Manager

He/Him Pronouns

Anthony provides community-based outreach to young gay, bisexual, queer and transgender individuals throughout Suffolk County. His work primarily focuses on young gay/bi/queer men and transgender individuals of color and connecting them to PrEP/PEP services with our community partner HRHCare. As part of this initiative, Anthony conducts PrEP/PEP screenings, rapid HIV testing and provides appropriate linkage services. In unison with the above services, Anthony is available to provide HIV Navigation Services (HNS), which is a case management program designed to help individuals successfully engage in needed services. In addition, Anthony also carries a caseload of individual and family counseling clients.

Anthony received his Master and Bachelor of Social Work from Adelphi University. His journey with PFY began as an undergraduate in his senior year. He spent most of his time with members of MPowermentLI Nassau and PFY’s Coffeehouse program while also conducting drop-in counseling. It was during this brief time that Anthony realized his passion for servicing the LGBTQ+ community. At the completion of his internship, Anthony joined the agency as a Peer Navigator to conduct outreach and educate community members on issues prevalent in the LGBTQ+ community. Anthony’s fondest memory while working at PFY was being a part of the 49th NYC Pride March. When out of the office, Anthony loves to travel and hopes to visit all seven continents in his lifetime.

Contact Anthony Carnevale at 631-940-1964 or via email at