LUSH (Ladies United for Sexual Health)

Fempower yourself at Pride for Youth’s only program for female-identified and assigned female at birth to talk about their sexual health in an open forum with staff and peers alike. Feel free to ask any question that is on your mind! This group is open to individuals age 13-20 during Coffeehouse.

When: First and third Friday of each month at 7:30pm during Coffeehouse
Contact: Anne Concepcion 516-679-9000 ext. 14 or

Mpower VIDA

Mpower VIDA (Viviendo Informado Del Ambiente) es un grupo Latinx que apoya a la communidad lesbiana, gay, bisexsual y transgenero. Los ayudamos con servicios de salud sexsual, emocional y somos un grupo de apoyo. Mpower Vida le extiende sus servicios en el area de Nassau y Suffolk para la communidad LGBTQ Latinx que solo hablan espanol, cada Lunes y Jueves el grupo es facilitado en espanol. El infoque de Mpower Vida es extender sus servicios a la commuidad gay, hombres bisexsuales y Transgeneros de la edad menos de 30 anos. Pero nuestras puertas estan abiertas para la communidad LGBTQ Latinx que solo hablan espanol y necesitan un grupo de apoyo como Mpower VIDA. Tambien offrecemos pruebas de VIH evaluaciones para PEP y PrEP.  Tenemos consuladores (hablan espanol)  para los que necesitan el servicio. Todo es gratis y confidencial!! Este programa tambien esta disponible en espanol.

Cuando: cada Lunes y Jueves de 4:30-8:00pm

Contactar a: Adrian Morel – (516) 679-9000 ext. 29 o correo electronico

Mpower VIDA (Viviendo Informado Del Ambiente) is a Latinx support group that addresses the diverse needs of Latinx, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals in terms of sexual health, and emotional and social support. Mpower VIDA serves Nassau and Suffolk counties’ LGBTQ Spanish-speaking individuals, and all groups are facilitated in Spanish. Mpower VIDA’s main focus is gay and bisexual men, as well as transgender individuals under the age of 30, but is welcoming to any member of the Spanish-speaking LGBTQ community who may need support in an open-group setting. Free HIV testing, PrEP and PEP assessments, as well as counseling (in Spanish) is available.

When: Every Monday and Thursday 4:30-8:00pm
Contact: Adrian Morel- 516-679-9000 ext. 29 or


Mpower+ is a social and supportive space for individuals through age 30 who are gay, bisexual or trans-identified and living with HIV. Allies are also welcome. What is any ally? Someone who sees past HIV status, and does not consider one’s status a barrier to friendship, or romantic or sexual relationships. This group engages in various activities and group discussions, and is a great place to meet others! Transportation is available and dinner is served every week.

When: Every Tuesday 4:00-8:00pm
Contact: Jamie Peeler – 516-679-9000 ext. 22 or

Pride for Parents

“Pride for Parents” is a supportive space for parents and adult family members of LGBTQ young people. The group offers education on LGBTQ identities, dialogue on how to best support LGBTQ loved ones, and also a place to meet others family members and share experiences.

When: First Thursday of each month 6:30-8:00pm
Contact: Aiden Kaplan- 516-679-9000 ext. 16 or


TransAction is a supportive space for individuals ages 15-30 who identify as transgender or hold a gender non-conforming identity (TGNC). Those who are questioning their gender identity are also welcome. The group meets every Tuesday for various activities and discussions that are relevant to the community, and of course to meet others and have fun!

When: Every Tuesday from 4:00-8:00pm
Contact: Maria Demauro (516) 679-9000 ext. 16 or

 Young Adults After School (YAAS!)

YAAS! is a social and supportive space for LGBTQ individuals ages 13-20. The group addresses important topics such as coming out, dating, social media, etc. through discussion, activities and games. Transportation is available, and dinner is served each week.

When: 10-week cycles each Fall and Spring every Friday from 6:00-7:00pm (call for exact dates)
Contact: Anne Concepcion 516-679-9000 ext. 14 or