Volunteer Opportunities

Long Island Crisis Center volunteers are the heart of the agency – they provide the service to our clients. With a small administrative staff and nearly 200 volunteers, there are always many opportunities available.

All you need to start is the desire to help and just a little spare time! You do not need any previous experience. LICC provides a free, comprehensive training program to all volunteers. You must be at least 18 years old to volunteer at Long Island Crisis Center.

Volunteer Roles

Counselor Assistants (CAs) answer business phones and help counselors in a variety of ways. In addition interested CAs can join our community outreach team, representing LICC at area schools and community events. CAs must complete a 9-hour training course, which meets once a week for 3 weeks. This training is held every month. All volunteers must train FIRST as Counselor Assistants. This introduces you to the workings of the agency, its staff and office procedures.

Counselors answer all of the hotlines and provide online counseling and counseling to walk-in clients. As the center is widely recognized for its expertise in crisis-intervention counseling training, counselors will receive an intensive training about a variety of current issues affecting youth and families. This training consists of two consecutive weekend “marathons,” followed by 18 weekly information sessions. Concurrently, trainees do shifts with experienced counselors at their own convenience. It takes approximately nine months to complete the training. Then, once the training is complete, we require that you commit to at least 200 hours (approximately eight months at six hours a week) as a crisis counselor to repay for the amount of time invested in your training. Please understand that by undergoing counselor training, you would be committing to be involved with LICC for at least two years.

Counselor training is held 2 times a year. The next counselor training dates will be Saturday September 26th (9:30 – 5:30), Sunday September 27th (12:30 – 5:30) and Saturday October 3rd (9:30 – 5:30). Info sessions will be held on Tuesday nights, starting October 6th and ending approximately February 9th.

Time Commitment

Counselor Assistants make a commitment of 3-4 hours per week. Counselors-in-training and Counselors are asked to volunteer 6 hours per week. The hours do not have to be done all at once and can be spread out over the week according to your availability. In addition, after going through the Counselor Training, counselors MUST commit to do at least 200 hours (approximately 8 months) of shift time after they have completed the counselor training.

All volunteers are expected to do a 3-4 hour weekend shift twice per year as part of their volunteer commitment.

The great news is that you can start right away! Just call Long Island Crisis Center’s business line and tell us that you would like to set up an interview.

Be a part of our life-saving team and learn great skills for life! Call today: (516) 826-0244.