LICC provides programs and services to support and empower Long Islanders at critical times in their lives.

If you are in crisis or feeling suicidal, know that you are not alone. Talk to a counselor now.

You can make a difference to Long Islanders in need. Find out way to get involved today!

Our Lifesaving Work

9Lifesaving Hotlines
12163Hotline Calls Answered Last Year
21773Community Education Participants Last Year
1000000Long Islanders Served in 45 Years
Help Save the Life of a Loved One

Upcoming NARCAN Training

Join us for an upcoming NARCAN training on November 26th in Bellmore!...

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What Our Volunteers Are Saying

I think volunteering is an important part of being a part of society. It’s a way to give back. Every day, people help you that you don’t even realize are around.

Faith, Counselor Assistant

I can intervene when people need help figuring out how to deal with crises in their lives, and presenting them with options that can help them see hope.

Neal, Counselor

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Concerned About a Friend on Social Media?

If someone you know is posting concerning content on social media or talking about suicide, it's important to speak up right away. Check out this quick guide to find out what you can do.

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